Plone Conference SF 2011

Plone Foundation

Plone, an open source content management system, hosted an international conference here in San Francisco in 2011. Being open source, the organization of the conference fell upon the local Plone community.

My coworker, Tyler Randles, and I stepped up as art directors for the conference. We took on the design of the website, branding, promotion, and the design of all print assets. During a symposium early on in the year, we led a sprint team of ten volunteers to develop the website.

A few goals of the conference organizers were to make the event a fun memorable experience for attendees, and to engage both long-time Plone developers as well as people new to the community. This led to the creation of Plone Badges — dozens of stickers that each demonstrated an identity or skillset, ranging from “Snakecharmer” (for Python devs) to “Sheriff” (for the Plone Security Team).

Additional components designed for the conference included the program, daily schedules, name tags, pint glasses, jackets & shirts, and more.

  • As the conference has moved on to Arnhem for the new year, this design is no longer viewable at
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